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concrete mixer for engineering

2016-03-09 14:10:28

Concrete mixer can be divided into two types according to the application scale: concrete mixing plant and concrete mixer. No matter which type of concrete mixer is used for construction, but not all of the concrete mixer used in the engineering construction is a concrete mixer used in engineering. The following requirements for concrete mixer concrete introduction.

Concrete mixer production quality is better. The JZC climb bucket series, series of JZM friction, JDC series, JS double horizontal shaft concrete mixer can do. This is the basic requirement for the production of concrete mixers.

The production of concrete batching plant price used in engineering should be high. This point JZC series drum mixer in only JZC750 or more models can be done, JZM friction series only JZM750 type can be done.

Engineering concrete mixer must be used in the concrete batching plant , the work intensity must be high.