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shaft end of concrete mixing station

2016-06-23 10:38:08

Concrete mixing station series of mixer shaft end seal is a combination of sealing type, by the rubber seal and steel seal, such as multi-layer seal.

The whole performance of the whole small mobile concrete batching plant is affected by the seal quality. So it is very important to choose a good seal.

The root cause of the leakage of the shaft end of the concrete batching plant is the damage of the floating seal.

Due to seal and oil seal is damaged, the lubrication system oil supply shortage due to sliding hub, transfer hub wear; shaft end of plasma leakage caused by bearing wear.

The friction of the main shaft and the friction of the shaft end temperature is too high. The main shaft of the skip type concrete mixing plant is the part of the concentrated force,

The service life of spare parts will be greatly reduced under the action of high strength stress.

Therefore, it is necessary to timely replacement of shaft end sealing device of sealing ring, oil seal and sliding hub, rotating hub; and the main shaft end bearing side of the slurry leakage

It is best to use the original seal accessories, so that the size of the size of a different, very quick to wear, the same damage to the large shaft.